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Episode 60  |  09:44 min  |  08.13.2021

New Consumer Survey Highlights In Store Shopping Expectations

This is a podcast episode titled, New Consumer Survey Highlights In Store Shopping Expectations. The summary for this episode is: <p>Human connections! That's the core message consumers are sending when it comes to retail experiences right now. The Ecommerce Consumer Behavior Report, published by 9 Shopify partners, sheds light on the reasons why consumers want to be back in store. But will the Delta variant delay those wishes? We dig into this topic and share what you need to know in less than 10 minutes.</p>
Takeaway 1 | 01:44 MIN
Survey highlights consumer motives for return to in-store shopping experience
Takeaway 2 | 01:41 MIN
Retail industry wake up call to humanize the online experience
Takeaway 3 | 01:18 MIN
Shopify's strategy in the privacy disruption and loyalty landscape
Takeaway 4 | 01:04 MIN
Clothes shopping stats in a post-coronavirus world
Takeaway 5 | 01:51 MIN
Shopify partners say email works with personalization in exchange for zero party data